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We have seen this trend showing up in new builds and home remodelling projects and we love it! While tile is the standard material for using behind a sink or range, glass can be just as easily cleaned and maintained. This window design adds charm and style to any kitchen, along with functional benefits.

A View to the Outdoors

Kitchen windows have a longstanding tradition of often showing up where a sink is. This gives you something to look at while doing dishes or prep work, and showcases a beautiful view. A kitchen window backsplash simply extends this view into something much larger, so you can move from sink to counter without losing the scenic appeal.

This is also a great feature if you have kids or pets playing in the yard. With a wider view, it is easier to keep an eye out for anything going on outside.

More Space, Light, and Air

While a window can’t actually make a small kitchen larger, it can certainly add the illusion of more space. By trading a traditional backsplash for a window, especially one that is particularly long or tall, you will let more light into even the smallest kitchen and visually extend the room.

This is a great way to add natural light under upper cabinets, too, without having to install under-cabinet lighting. Simply have your window dealer design and install fixed windows that span the space between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets for a seamless transition.

If part of the window backsplash setup is not a fixed window, this can also add ventilation to the kitchen. You can enjoy fresh air, or let kitchen smells out of the home with convenience and ease.

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

Whether it’s sudsy water or a saucy spill, it’s easy to clear anything off of one of our custom windows. They are designed for durability and longevity, and are readily cleaned like any household surface. Your Great Lakes Window dealer can further advise you on best practices for your particular window design, but rest assured that maintaining your kitchen window backsplash is just as easy as dealing with tile, if not easier!

Design Your Window Backsplash

Our windows are well-suited to use as a kitchen backsplash. Our Great Lakes Window dealers are skilled in creating and executing window designs that marry style and function, which is the ideal combination for a project like this. From a window backsplash that covers the length of a wall, to a corner backsplash serving as an eye-catching focal point, our team is ready to analyze your space and goals and offer solutions that are a perfect fit.

Every one of our windows is hand crafted individually and custom designed to fit your home. From glass options to hardware finishes, your window backsplash will match your home and meet your vision. While looking great, these windows also function perfectly, with state of the art technology ensuring energy efficiency and smooth operation. You can even add sound resistant features, UV resistance, and other add-ons to ensure that your kitchen window backsplash does everything you want it to do.

Whether you want a window for a kitchen backsplash or are hoping for better function and style in another room in your home, our expert Great Lakes Window dealers are here to help. Find your local dealer today to get started on a consultation.

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