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Imagine a house without windows. It’s energy efficient, secure, quiet and unaffected by damage from the sun’s UV rays. But would you want to live in a house with no windows? Probably not! Thanks to the core technologies that are placed in the sash and frames, in addition to the glass pack, Great Lakes Window energy efficient windows offer you the benefits of the house without windows but with the perks that windows bring. Enjoy the beautiful scenery outside or that fresh summer breeze without having to worry about whether your windows are efficient or not. Our energy efficient replacement windows are easy to open and close, lock securely, keep outside noises out, are easy to clean and can help with your energy bills. This is all thanks in part to the four main components that make up the glass pack:

  • Low-E Glass Coatings to reduce solar heat and protect from UV rays
  • Glass Panes (double or triple instead of single) that are recommended depending on your region
  • Warm Edge Spacers to reduce conductivity and prevent heating and cooling loss
  • Argon/Krypton Gas Fill to increase insulation and energy efficiency

Great Lakes Window replacement vinyl windows utilize these features to give you the most optimal windows for your home. Check out our House Without Windows video below to see how Great Lakes Window energy efficient windows can benefit your home. Or, browse our website to learn even more about the components that further enhance the energy efficiency of our windows.

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