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White WindowSometimes it can be hard to tell when to replace windows in your home. The sneaky drafts, wobbly locks and chips in the paint can creep up on you and before you know it, your windows are practically falling apart. Keeping an eye out for and addressing these imperfections can not only improve the appearance of your home, but can also help with energy bills, prevent faded furniture and keep your home safe. Here are a few signs you might need some vinyl replacement windows.

Safety has become a concern. If your windows don’t lock properly they should be fixed immediately. If the lock can’t easily be fixed, consider replacing them with a more secure option.

They’ve seen better days. Once your windows start to crack, chip, or stain you might find yourself on a long road of continuous repairs. Additionally, as your personal style changes, the inside of your home might no longer match the outdated style of old windows. Plus, windows that don’t have glass packs that include coatings to block out harmful UV rays can lead to your furniture, carpets and upholstery fading in color. You may want to think about replacing your windows before you invest in that new expensive furniture or area rug.

They are becoming difficult to use. No one wants to go to open their windows on a fresh spring day only to find them painted shut. Drafty or leaking windows might not be performing as well as they should be. Outdated single panes of glass in your existing windows could be the culprit for that chill you can’t seem to get rid of, and upgrading to double or even triple-paned glass options could make a huge difference in the climate control of your home. Windows that are difficult to open and close are also not conducive to a comfortable home.

They are more trouble than they’re worth. Are you always repairing or repainting your windows? Are they tough to clean and letting in all of that loud outside noise? If your windows are no longer beneficial to your home, and you’ve been watching your energy bills skyrocket, it might be time to replace them with a more efficient, vinyl option.

Whether you want to replace just a few windows, or all of the windows in your home, a dealer will help you come up with the best game plan. Finding energy efficient windows for your home that match your style, are a breeze to use, and keep your home safe and secure can make a huge difference in your family’s comfort.

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