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Do you ever find it hard to open and close your heavy sliding patio door? Especially when your arms are full? For instance, you may be setting the table for dining al fresco or helping your kids go outside to play, and find yourself using a lot of effort to just get outside. This may mean your patio door needs an upgrade. And the EuroGlide Operating System from Great Lakes Window is a perfect option. With EuroGlide, you’ll never struggle to open and close your patio door again.


Innovative Patio Door Handle

The optional EuroGlide operating system offers two major innovations that allows it to glide easily with the push of a finger. The first is a handle engineered to literally lift the door panel off the sill when you rotate the handle. This allows it to glide effortlessly. And in Fall 2018, we launched a new hardware design, featuring a contemporary square shaped handle. The new silhouette offers clean lines and modern styling that fits well in any home. This high-end hardware is now available in four colors: Rustic Umber, Brushed Nickel, Resista Brass and Classic White.

Cutting-Edge Roller System

The second innovation offered in the EuroGlide system is a patented ball bearing roller system. These ball bearings enable a door weighing up to 550 pounds to glide smoothly open and closed through years of everyday use. Just eight pounds of force is all it takes to operate, compared to up to thirty pounds for a standard sliding door.

Watch as one of our Sales Managers demonstrates the ease of the EuroGlide system:


Take the top-of-the-line Great Lakes sliding patio door to the next level, with an upgrade to the EuroGlide Operating System. With designer hardware and effortless performance, EuroGlide is the answer to your patio door struggles. Click below to find a Great Lakes dealer in your area who can show you more about this innovative system.

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