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Did you know that October is energy awareness month? Learn how to conserve energy…

In honor of this important concept, we have put together a few ways you can conserve energy in your daily life. We all know that turning off the lights when we exit the room and making sure TVs and electronics are powered down before we leave the house is important, but there are even more ways that you can conserve energy that you may not have thought of. Here are some unique ways ENERGY STAR has identified to be more energy efficient.

1. Purchase ENERGY STAR certified appliances and light bulbs.ENERGY STAR appliances can include TVs, DVD players, dish washers, refrigerators, clothes washers and more. These electronics conserve energy whether they are on or off. Just look for the ENERGY STAR label.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: If all TVs sold in the U.S. were certified models, greenhouse gas savings would grow to 15 billion pounds per year.

2. Wash clothes in cold water. By doing this, you use less energy to heat the water. You can also conserve energy by only washing full loads, using longer spin times (to reduce the amount of energy needed for drying), and using lower water settings when small loads are unavoidable.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: Water heating makes up about 90% of the energy it takes to operate a clothes washer.
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3. Install ENERGY STAR certified windows. Choosing the right glass pack is key for energy efficient windows. Glass panes, warm edge spacers, gas fill and low-e glass coatings all play a part in making your windows energy efficient. ENERGY STAR certified windows will have a label that lays out the efficiency of the window, including information on U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Transmittance. ENERGY STAR recommends choosing features that best suit your climate.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your energy bills up to 15%.

4. Make some changes in the bathroom. Turn off the water when not needed, use low-flow showerheads, find and fix leaky faucets and choose an ENERGY STAR certified bathroom vent fan.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: With a new 2.5 gallon-per-minute (low-flow) showerhead, a 7-minute shower uses less water than a full bath.

5. Seal up the cracks. Seal leaks in your attic, basement or crawl space as well as add insulation to improve comfort and efficiency. Caulk and weather strip around doors and windows and seal any leaks in your duct system.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: Homeowners typically save up to $200 a year in heating and cooling costs by air sealing their homes and adding insulation.

6. Take energy savings to the kitchen. An ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher and refrigerator can help with energy efficiency. Tasks as simple as covering pots while they are on the stove and keeping your refrigerator door closed can even make a big difference. If you have kids opening and closing the fridge, make sure to give it a little nudge when you walk by to ensure the seal is shut.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: Covering your pot when cooking on an electric cooktop reduces your carbon footprint by about 85 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year.

7. Small details help in a big way. Lowering your water heater temperature, insulating your water heater and hot water pipes, using a ceiling fan instead of AC and closing the fireplace damper can all have an impact on your energy savings.

ENERGY STAR Fun Fact: The average household spends more than $250 per year on water heating.

Want to find out if your home is energy efficient? The ENERGY STAR Home Advisor takes just five minutes to fill out. You’ll create your home’s energy profile, get custom recommendations, and be set to start improving your home’s efficiency. Get started on your energy savings this October and continue them into every other month of the year!

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