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If replacing home windows is one of your upcoming home improvement projects, you have probably given a lot of thought to the styles you are interested in. From classic single and double hung options to filling a larger space with a bay or bow window and so many possibilities in between, it can be overwhelming to choose a style to settle on. In order to make your decision a little easier, we have outlined a few questions to ask yourself when making this choice.


What purpose will these windows serve?

Are they just a source of light? Do they need to open? Or maybe they are just more ornamental? This will make a big difference in the windows you select. Double hung, slider, tilt-n-slide, casement, bay, bow, garden, awning and hopper window styles are all able to open and let fresh air filter into the room.

Single and double hung vinyl windows are more of the standard style you see in homes and slide up and/or down easily. Slider and tilt-n-slide windows are also easy to open and slide from side to side. Casement windows open on a hinge that is usually controlled by a crank. The attractive and unique beveled profile design on the exterior of a Great Lakes Window casement window is usually a major selling point for these types of windows. Picture windows will flood a room with light but cannot be opened. Bay and bow windows are perfect for filling a larger space in the home and also have the ability to be opened in some capacity. If you have small potted plants, such as herbs, which you leave out on the counter to get some sunlight, consider a garden window. They are designed to let in maximum light to help your plants grow. Awning windows hang horizontally with hinges on the top so that it swings outward when opened. The hopper window, commonly used as a basement window, is very similar, except that they open by swinging inward.


What is the architectural style of your home?

Is your home more modern and streamlined or traditional? If you want a more unique focal point in a room with tons of glass and ample light streaming through, picture windows combined with other window styles like single or double hung might be your best bet. Picture windows are a common choice to open up main rooms of the home. Customization options allow you to choose between different exterior color finishes to compliment your home and your style. Double hung are common in many traditional homes and versatile enough to meet many stylistic needs. Slider windows offer a more contemporary option to homes with more vertical spaces.


What kind of ventilation are you looking for?

If you need a window that opens wide to let in the fresh air then a picture window won’t be for you. Double hung windows can slide up or down to allow for as much or as little ventilation as you desire.  Same goes for slider windows, with the sliding just going back and forth. The ability to swing open a casement window provides ample opportunity for freshening the room.


Do you have unique considerations to keep in mind?

You can find the classic sash window in many homes (this includes single and double hung as well as sliding windows), meaning the moveable portion of the window can move up or down or slide left to right. Double hung windows move up and down and horizontal sliders move horizontally. Awning windows are a popular choice for apartments and older homes and they are top hinged to allow the window to open outwards at an angle. Hopper windows are similar but are hinged at the bottom and open inwards. They are used mainly over doorways or in basements.


Do you want your windows to be a focal point of your home?

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful views all around your home, why not call attention to them with an interesting combination of windows of varying shapes and sizes to create a more unique focal point? Whether you choose to simply install a large picture window or spacious bay or bow windows, or just have multiple single or double hung or sliding windows placed around the home, you can take advantage of those excellent views.

There are many different window styles to choose from in order to fit your ideal vision. Just keep in mind what the goal of the window is, any special circumstances you need to consider, the architecture of your home and your ventilation needs. Check out our helpful infographic that offers a brief description of the many window types you can choose from. If you have any additional questions regarding window styles or are ready to schedule your free in-home consultation with Great Lakes Window, reach out to a dealer today!

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