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With so many styles and features available in our catalog of vinyl replacement windows, homeowners are sure to find the right window for your budget and style. From expansive picture windows to functional and smooth awning windows, our professional dealers will help you get what you want and need. Once those windows are expertly installed, you have a few more decisions to make, in deciding how to dress those windows up, inside and out.

Once you have invested in vinyl replacement windows and Great Lakes Window has completed the installation, you’re still only partway done! Many homeowners get caught up in the excitement of new, energy-efficient vinyl windows and overlook the final step of selecting window treatments. This is especially important if your new vinyl replacement windows are a different size or shape than the older ones you are replacing, as you may not be able to reuse the existing treatments.

Window treatments are important for privacy, to reduce sunlight even more than our UV-blocking features can, and to create the look you desire in your home. There are many options for window treatments, the final step in a window renovation. Note: it’s often helpful to wait until your windows are fully installed to make the decision on window treatments, so you can get complete measurements and a good look at how the windows look in real life.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains, made of lighter and more sheer fabrics, are often a decorative window treatment rather than one that is functional. Unless you are covering a window where privacy and light does not matter, a curtain is usually one part of a treatment that could include layers of additional curtains for privacy, blinds, or shades. That said, they’re a great choice for adding color and personality to any room!

Drapes are similar but made of a heavier fabric that may be enough to block light and unwanted views on their own. Instead of hanging from a curtain rod, drapes often take a more formal approach with a rod that is attached to the window frame and controlled by a cord. While some may use the terms curtains and drapes interchangeably, traditionally drapes are more formal.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds, like windows, are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. From natural materials like bamboo to blinds specifically designed to block light, every homeowner can potentially find the ideal blinds for their vinyl replacement windows.

Horizontal blinds are popular, especially for narrow windows. They sit inside of the window frame and are either controlled by a wand or cord or are sometimes cordless. If you have small children, be aware of the safety hazards of corded blinds.

Vertical blinds are not as popular as they once were, but with wider slats and side to side movement, they still have a place on wide windows or patio doors. They operate similarly to horizontal blinds, and also come in materials from fabric to plastic to wood.

Shades, unlike blinds, are one piece of material without individual slats that can be tilted. They offer a simple look and simple operation and are one of the more economical window

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