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Home improvements are an investment, and every investment has a price. Today we’re going to discuss a popular remodeling investment, the cost of window replacement. Generally, the value you will get from the replacement makes the cost worthwhile. According to research from HomeAdvisor, energy efficient windows can save you up to 25 per cent of your energy bill.

Even knowing that you will get value out of your replacement job, it’s a good idea to know what your budget should be.


Cost vs. Value of Vinyl Replacement Windows

The Remodeling Cost vs. Value report for 2019 looks at replacing 10 existing three by five foot double-hung windows with insulated, low-E, simulated-divided-lite vinyl windows with simulated wood grain interior and custom color exterior. This report shows that you can get 73.4% back of your investment! That is much higher than many comparable remodeling investments, like a major kitchen remodel at 59.7% back or a bathroom remodel at 60.2% back.

Of course, the real cost of window replacement has a lot to do with your window style and your glass selection.


Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Other Materials

cost of window replacementVinyl is typically more affordable than materials such as wood, steel or fiberglass. Aluminum is less expensive but doesn’t protect well against thermal heat transfer.

Choosing vinyl means that even if the installation costs are similar, you will save on the materials cost. With finishes in every color, including woodgrain, vinyl is as aesthetically pleasing as wood, if not more so.

Vinyl is a high quality, efficient material choice for replacement windows. The low maintenance required to keep these windows looking great makes them ideal as a replacement for existing windows, lasting year after year without peeling, flaking, or fading.


Cost of Window Replacement Styles, Features, Finishes and Installation

Double hung windows are often less expensive than sliding. Casement windows are often more expensive than double hung or sliding windows. Casement windows are more energy efficient than others, though, so if you are looking at the overall cost versus value this is an important consideration.

Glass options range from fairly inexpensive but inefficient single panes, to low-E, triple pane, or argon filled options at an added cost, but are far more efficient.

cost of window replacementAdding etched or designer glass, upgraded hardware, grilles, and other design extras will add to the cost of the windows. Again, looking at cost versus value, it can be worth it for the resale value and curb appeal in the long term.

If you are looking to cut costs, stick with more basic windows. Even our base models of windows are efficient, durable, and beautiful! Our warranty protects your investment no matter what you spend on it.

The number of windows in your project will add to the cost, but you may save on installation when you get it all done in bulk rather than a few at a time. Talk to a window dealer about your project and what it will entail.


Set Your Budget With Our Help

Not sure what your budget should be, or what window features are worth spending on versus saving? Our knowledgeable and experienced network of dealers can help! It’s easy to find a Great Lakes Window dealer when you visit our website. Just put in your location and the search function will bring up a list. With lots of experience in finding the best vinyl replacement windows, they are your best resource for ensuring that your window project goes smoothly.

Great Lakes Window is happy to be your source for affordable, durable, and beautiful vinyl replacement windows. We look forward to working with you to upgrade your home in both style and function!

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