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There are certain homes that call out for a unique feature. Perhaps you have admired a bank of custom shaped windows at a friend’s home, or marveled at a stunning glass feature spotted from the curb. These custom windows certainly look majestic, and elevate a home from basic to beautiful. But they are actually quite affordable. Especially when you work with a Great Lakes Window dealer, who can leverage their expertise and experience to set you up with a window that meets both your design needs, and your budget.


What is a Custom Shaped Window

Custom Shaped WindowsOur custom shaped windows fall into the picture window category. They are able to be custom shaped easily, as they are fixed windows. This means they do not open, but can be paired with other windows which will open and close for airflow. Fixed windows often cost less than moving windows, so even with the custom design, you may find that this type of window is more affordable than you had expected.

If it’s a design you can make out of a geometrical shape, it can be turned into awe-inspiring window reality with Great Lakes Window. Consider round shapes, sharp angles, or a combination of both to create something truly unique and suitable to your home. Adding designer glass to the custom window makes it that much more appealing. Consider echoing clean lines with a geometric inlay. Or you can bring in some organic personality with a glass feature like our Laurel inlay, reminiscent of a branch.

There are countless options to make your custom shaped window truly your own. From the size of the window and its location in your home, to the glass, trim colors, and adjacent windows. What might look like unattainable elegance in someone else’s home is in fact well within your reach.




Benefits of Shaped Windows

Of course, a shaped window add a touch of elegance, whimsy, delight, or style to your home, depending on the look you’re aiming for. However, there are other more practical benefits to a picture style window, too.

picture windowFixed picture windows are often easier to maintain and last longer, with fewer moving parts to wear down and ultimately replace. That means your investment in a custom window will last the test of time, especially backed by our warranty. This fixed window style is exceptionally weatherproof and airtight, allowing natural light in without any unwanted intrusions.

Larger shaped windows can offer an excellent view to the outdoors, framing it in a unique perspective. There’s nothing quite like a unique focal point to draw one’s eye into what lies beyond. This is an excellent selling point or curb appeal addition if you’re thinking about the long term value of your home.



We’re happy to work with you to create the custom shaped window, or set of windows, you have always admired and wanted in your own home. These windows are also an excellent option as a long-lasting, durable replacement for existing but outdated shaped windows in your home. Whatever it is that you need, our reputable, knowledgeable dealers are here to help! Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online and you are on your way to a gorgeous focal point in your home.

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