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At Great Lakes Window, all of our vinyl window sashes and mainframes are fusion welded. That term may be new to you, or perhaps you’ve encountered it while comparing windows. Either way, we’re here to explain exactly what fusion welded windows are. We’ll also share how it ultimately saves you money when you’re investing in replacement windows for your home.


What are Fusion Welded Windows?

Fusion welded vinyl is created by heating two objects and connecting them together when the material is melted. When cured, this joint is difficult, if not impossible, to separate. This creates an airtight and waterproof seal.

Fusion Welded WindowsThis process makes a solid, one-piece window unit that stays strong and durable for years. The frame and sash corners are completely tight and square. This means you will never have to worry about misalignment or problems with operation.

Here’s a fun fact: fusion welding is also a process used in the aviation industry! If you can trust it with airplanes, you can certainly trust this technique with your windows.

When you’re spending money on your home, you want to know that you have invested in the highest quality products possible. That is why Great Lakes Window fusion welds all of our window and patio door products, ensuring the utmost in energy efficiency, weatherproofing, and value.


How Fusion Welded Windows Save You Money

It might seem like a small part of the window manufacturing and installation process. But fusion welding plays a big part in ensuring that your windows are an investment that lasts. And, when you only need to open your wallet once for a solid product, you’re saving money in the long-term. You will be avoiding repair and replacement costs that add up over time with sub-par windows.

In cheaper, less carefully constructed windows, the corners of sashes and frames are areas where stress shows up quickly. Less sturdy connection methods are a cost savings measure for window manufacturers. This can turn into expensive problems for homeowners to fix.

The alternatives to fusion welded windows include vinyl windows that are screwed together or welded together with chemical. Both methods will look great on installation day, but ultimately turn into leaky, drafty disasters. These methods of attachment are not permanent by any means. And, if you are considering aluminum windows, be aware that they are always attached with mechanical methods. This leads to water damage and inefficient performance.

Whether you have to replace leaky windows with fusion welded products, or attempt to continually repair the shoddy windows you have in place, it all adds up. Especially if you’re dealing with costly energy bills thanks to inefficient windows, or damage to your walls from poor weatherproofing.

On the flip side, investing in Great Lakes Window products means you’re getting quality that lasts, complete with a warranty. We are committed to providing you with vinyl windows and sliding patio doors that fit into your lifestyle, your home, and your budget. We know that a window purchase isn’t something homeowners take lightly. This is why we’re so dedicated to ensuring that your windows will make your home a more comfortable at an affordable price.


To Learn More About Fusion Welded Windows

To learn more about Great Lakes Window and our fusion welded products, or to set up a consultation in which you can determine which doors and windows are best for your specific needs, simply get in touch with one of our experienced, knowledgeable product dealers. With Great Lakes Window dealers all over the country, you’re sure to find someone close to you with our online search tool. With that, you’re one step closer to

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