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Window installation day is always exciting, especially when you know your home is going to be improved by Great Lakes Window products. Our expert window dealers and their installation teams are incredibly skilled and adept at making every aspect of installation run smoothly. You can rest assured that they are prepared for any situation! That being said, there are a few ways you can prepare to make the day even more of a success.

Clean Inside and Out

No, your whole home does not have to be spotless! However, cleaning up the area outside and inside the window can certainly make a big difference.

Outside, move things like planters and furniture aside. If you have trees or shrubs posing an obstacle, you may want to cut branches back to make more room for installers. Gardens and similar plantings should be protected by the installers as much as possible, recognizing that you cannot easily move these features out of the way.

Inside your home, take a similar approach. Move furniture away from the window to provide room for the installation crew to work. This includes window coverings and wall art which will need to be removed for unobstructed access.

The fewer things in the way, the less navigating the installers have to do, and the faster your new windows will go up.

Prepare Yourself and Your Family

You may want to be on-site while window installation happens, which means you might have to contend with keeping family members or pets away from the workspace. On the other hand, if you choose to leave the home during installation, you will have to ensure access for the installation team.

Installers will need to get into the home without accidentally activating security or alarm systems. Many of these systems come with window sensors, which is a disaster waiting to happen if the alarms are not disabled!

Protect The Rest of Your Home

While our installers are careful to avoid damage within your home, it’s always helpful to take a few extra precautions.

Your floors are easily protected with plastic sheets, tarps, or drop cloths. Talk to your Great Lakes Window dealer about whether you should protect your floors or if they are bringing the supplies. Either way, covering the floor ensures less risk of dusty carpets or scratched hardwood.

The same dust can easily travel and settle onto other items nearby. Remove anything you do not want to have to clean up, and items that cannot handle dust. If it is something that can’t be taken to a different space, cover it up.

Finally, talk to your installer about blocking off in-progress rooms with sheeting or drop cloths. This helps keep the outdoor weather from impacting your home’s interior as much as possible, and keeps debris down in the rest of your home.

Clear the Driveway

Get ready to give up your driveway for the time being. There is often a lot of equipment and material involved in installing windows. If you are able to turn your driveway over to the installation team, things will move much more quickly. They will be able to unload replacement windows and other materials closer to your home, saving time. The same goes for hauling old windows and scrap material away.

If you have any questions or concerns about window installation day, rest assured that our Great Lakes Window dealers can meet your needs. Our network of dealers and installers is made up of skilled professionals who have deftly handled many installations in the past. Contact a local dealer today!

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