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Replacement windows for your home are an investment that you want to last for a long time. For many homeowners, this kind of remodeling project represents a fairly large budget item. Not having the money you need to turn your dream project into reality means sacrificing your ideal home. But, with financing your remodeling project, you can increase your buying power to both afford that dream project, and tailor it to fit your budget.

Financing a window home remodel also has the benefit of saving you money in the long term. Done right, a window remodeling project with energy efficient choices will lower the energy cost of your home and add to its value. By buying new replacement windows sooner rather than later, with the financial boost of financing, you’ll save money on energy costs right away. And this is putting money back into your pockets that you can then use to pay down the project.

That’s one of the top reasons to remodel your home with new windows. The improved features and looks of modern windows are a major upgrade from builder grade basic construction or outdated windows that exist in older homes. Window remodeling is a project with big impact and excellent resale value. It is well worth finding good financing to make this kind of project happen.

There are several ways to finance a window home remodel, from accessing home equity to using a personal loan. Today we’ll cover two of the most popular options available directly through many of our dealers. We recommend authorized dealers for the ease of accessing this financing, from people who know what your window remodel will entail.


Promotional Payment Option

Keeping an eye out for promotional payment options is something that can certainly pay off for homeowners trying to stretch their dollars. This setup is typically something like 12 months with no interest if the balance is paid within a year. This kind of financing helps cash buyers increase their project scope and enables homeowners to quickly move on remodeling projects. It is also great for homeowners who know the time value of their money and want to spend it wisely.


Monthly Payment Option

Setting out a big chunk of money for replacement windows may be beyond what works for your budget. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have buying power. Monthly payment financing lets you buy now with a low monthly payment, making the project affordable. It’s a great option for homeowners on a budget, and homeowners who want a larger project without the upfront cost.


Why You Should Consider Financing Your Remodeling Project with a Dealer

Our Great Lakes Window dealers make financing easy. Many of our dealers have a mobile app to allow you to apply for financing on the spot, streamlining the process. Going from considering window replacements to being able to buy them is remarkably efficient when you work with our dealers. And you can rest assured that the quotes and financial information you’re provided is accurate, as it is based off of figures and knowledge from the people who will be managing installation.

Great Lakes Window dealers are leading experts in the industry, with a strong understanding of all of our award-winning windows. Arrange an appointment today to learn more about our vinyl replacement window lines and styles, design options, energy efficient features, and the financing options that may be available to you. Don’t let anything hold you back from the windows you need to make your home safe, comfortable, and enjoyable!

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