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What are the differences between single hung vinyl replacement windows, and their double hung counterparts? Which of these window styles is best for your home? Read on to find out how these windows compare, to help make your window renovation work.

We have briefly touched on single versus double hung vinyl replacement windows in the past, but now it’s time for a deeper dive.

Both of these window styles are highly common and look very similar. The main difference is in the word hung, which means the number of operable sashes. Both single and double hung windows have two sashes, upper and lower, but the upper sash is only operable on a double hung window. That single design difference adds many variables to your window choice.

Ventilation with Single vs. Double Hung Windows

Because a single hung window only has the bottom sash as an operable feature, it does allow for some ventilation but not as much as a double hung window. Double hung windows allow for both the upper and lower sash to open for air flow. Cool air can enter your home through the bottom sash, and as hot air rises, it is released through the top sash. A single hung window will still open for ventilation but there will not be as much circulation.

That same extended airflow with a double hung window can actually be a safety precaution too, for people with young children and upper floor windows. The top opening sash ensures airflow while the bottom sash remains closed, so children can’t get too close to an open window.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

A single hung window will allow for easy maintenance of the bottom sash, but the top sash is more of a challenge on its exterior. The upper sash is not designed to tilt in, so it takes some extra work to reach the glass. If you are looking at ground floor replacement windows it may not be as much of a consideration, but for upper floors, consider the ease of cleaning.

With double hung vinyl replacement windows, both sashes can be tilted to wash the interior and exterior surfaces, from the inside of your home. If you are concerned about maintenance, double hung windows certainly offer an advantage.

While both single and double hung windows must meet certain standards of performance to be rated well, single hung windows may be less susceptible to leakage and other performance issues simply because the upper sash can’t move.

Historic Homes

For historic homes where authenticity is a bigger concern, homeowners may opt for single hung windows which are more accurate to the era. Single hung windows predate their double hung counterparts. Of course, there are ways to make today’s windows match up to historic aesthetics as much as possible, so speak to your Great Lakes Window dealer about finding a balance.

Budget Factors

To help you make the most of your window budget, and to bring your home renovation dreams to life, our Great Lakes Window dealers are experts in their field. A dealer will work with you to understand exactly what you want and need from your windows, so every dollar counts. Find a local dealer with our convenient online locator today.

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