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A home renovation of any kind is a potentially costly, time consuming initiative. So it makes a lot of sense for homeowners like yourself to think things through before committing to something. By planning ahead, doing your research, and working with experts, you can avoid a lot of the common home renovation mistakes and pitfalls that turn renovations into nightmares.

Windows impact your home renovations. Whether you are looking at installing new windows, replacing your previous windows, or simply working around spaces where windows are in place, they are a factor. Here’s how to plan specifically for home renovations and your windows, so you can avoid problems, get the most value for your money, and end up with a space that makes you happy.


#1 in Home Renovation Mistakes: Waiting Too Long to Deal with Windows

This is a subject we’ve covered in the past, and it’s always worth a reminder! When you’re looking at a whole-home, or otherwise intensive renovation or remodeling, it’s all too easy to keep pushing window replacement down the to-do list. We understand! Windows are an investment, without the shock value of gutting your kitchen or modernizing a bathroom, so it’s easy to keep telling yourself that you will get to it eventually.

However, especially in a home that direly needs energy efficiency and weatherproofing, windows should actually be further up on the priority list. That’s because windows offer safety for your home and its belongings and protection against the elements. And this value extends through the entire home, rather than focusing your efforts on one room at a time.

avoiding home renovation mistakesIf you ask a renovation expert they will likely tell you to focus your initial efforts, and budget, on the building envelope. This means the walls, siding, windows, foundation, and other structures and surfaces that act as the barrier between your home and the great outdoors. Without this, you’re inviting water damage, cold or hot air, UV rays, and other elements into your home. Don’t make these home renovation mistakes if you’ve already spent money on upgrading the interior.

Old, sub-par windows also allow the potential for criminal activity and unwanted access to your home. Today’s modern windows come with excellent security features and locking technology, ensuring that every part of your home is secure.

All of this adds value to your entire property. And, if you’re wishing for a more visually impactful renovation, think about what a new color, designer glass, or hardware finish can do for your home. This will bring every room together in a cohesive way, while adding excellent curb appeal.


#2 in Home Renovation Mistakes: Skipping Professional Help

It’s tempting to DIY a lot of home renovation, and if it’s something within your skillset, it might actually be a good idea! Window replacement, however, is not often something DIY-ers should attempt. That’s because window installation is something that takes more work and more time than you might expect.

avoiding home renovation mistakesThere’s a lot that goes into window installation, beyond simply putting the product you picked out into the space that exists. Especially in older homes, it can be challenging to ensure that everything is level, airtight, and installed in a way that will withstand weather, time, and wear. Add in details like needing to widen or decrease a window space, custom window sizing, extra-large window configurations, or the desire for special features like soundproofing, and it would be a home renovation mistake to not consult with a professional. You may pay more at the start, but that investment is worth it when you consider the expertise, knowledge, and troubleshooting a good window dealer and installer offers.

The same often holds true for working with an interior designer or window expert who can tell you which windows work well with your space. Our dealers are happy to set you up with that kind of knowledge, to ensure that your Great Lakes Window products keep you smiling for years to come.


To get in touch with one of our Great Lakes Window dealers, just use our online tool to search our extensive network. We’ll help turn your dream home into a real place you and your family will cherish, free of any home renovation mistakes.


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