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If you love to garden, whether inside or out, there are vinyl replacement windows that can take your green thumb to the next level. Our windows are ideal for letting light in to indoor plants, or showcasing the view of a well manicured garden outdoors. Here are a few of our favorites for green thumbs like yourself.


Garden Windows

garden windowIt’s right there in the name itself! Garden windows are named as such because they make for the perfect place to set a few indoor plants. Your indoor garden will be ensconced in the light that the trapezoid style casement side lites brings in to your home. It’s the ideal setup for flowers, herbs, or any other indoor plant that thrives on a lot of light. Plus it adds a distinctive feature to your home.



Picture Windows

Picture windows are excellent for both letting light into your home, and thus any indoor houseplants you have situated around the window. These windows are also great for framing the view of an outdoor garden without any obstruction. Our energy efficient features ensure that your indoor plants can thrive on natural light. And these features won’t allow heat gain to impact the comfort levels of your home or your energy bills.




Bay and Bow Windows

While they are not quite as dramatic as a garden window when it comes to bringing the outdoors in, a bay or bow window does allow homeowners to install a surface seat. This is a space that simply calls out for some indoor plants to keep it looking green. Of course, like a picture window, a bay or bow window is also a focal point that attracts attention to the view beyond. If that view happens to be an immaculately landscaped garden, you can take pride in knowing that all of your hard work is being expertly showcased from your home.




Planning Windows for Indoor Gardening

It’s not just about the window itself. Things like the direction of the window matters. In North America, most gardeners will find that southern facing windows are ideal for light. These are followed by west facing windows to offer the most light. East facing windows get some level of light, while north facing windows offer the weakest amount of light intensity. If you want to garden indoors, you may want to plan your home’s windows based around these directions. Consider maximizing on the size and amount of windows you have placed for southern and eastern exposure. Your Great Lakes Window dealer is an excellent resource for this type of planning.

The boundaries of your garden may stop where your house begins. But there’s no reason you can’t bring the outdoors in, and the indoors out with the right window choice. Find a Great Lakes Window dealer online to help transform your home into a gardener’s paradise

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