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Sound is Everywhere

There are times when you simply want to keep the hustle and bustle of the outdoors out, and keep your own peace and quiet in. Of course, an open window is an invitation to noise. But what about when your windows are closed? If you are finding that day-to-day noises of traffic, construction, and barking dogs is impacting your life, even when the windows are shut, you may be in need of some sound control.

sound control for city livingSounds around the neighborhood are louder than you might think! People who live in urban areas are regularly exposed to noise above 85 decibels. And average background noise up to 60 decibels. Decibels of 7, like freeway traffic from 50 feet away, are considered annoying and intrusive. Even louder noises at 80 decibels have the potential for possible hearing damage.

Regular exposure to loud noises can have adverse effects. Raised blood pressure, sleep disturbance, and problems concentrating can all be caused by noise.

Even exposure to moderate noise is frustrating, causing interference with your regular activities, headaches and irritability. They may also cause problems completing complex tasks.

Worse yet, these noises seem to be increasing as there are more sources of noise pollution in our modern lives. In other words, noise is everywhere. It’s becoming more frequent, and it can cause a lot of problems. Your home should be a safe haven from intrusive sounds, and your windows can play a large role in protecting your peace and quiet.


Keeping Unwanted Sounds Out with Great Lakes Window

Our sound control glass is an option on all of our window styles and product lines. It’s an essential option to keep unwanted noise out via the construction of the glass.

Thicker glass blocks prevent sound better than thin glass, which is why we use it in our sound control insulated glass units. We also use glass panels of different thicknesses to block a greater range of sound waves, with one blocking high frequency and one blocking low frequency sounds. The glass can be laminated to absorb sound waves, and we put a wider space between the panels to block sound.

You can also count on the construction of our windows to help block out unwanted noises. With tight seals and vinyl frames, which don’t conduct sound well, every part of a Great Lakes Window product is designed with your comfort in mind.

For a full list of Great Lakes Window sound transmission ratings, check out the final page of this brochure.


Speak to one of our trusted, knowledgeable dealers about your sound control needs. Or ask to hear our new in-home Sound Control Demo box, to observe the difference for yourself. To learn more about which windows would be best suited for your home, use our online search tool, and get ready to say hello to tranquility!

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