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The weather is getting warmer, and that’s a relief for those of us who enjoy the comfort from energy efficient windows. On the hottest summer days, you need a place to cool off, relax, and take a break. Your home can be a comfortable sanctuary this summer, with our energy efficient, UV-resistant, sound control windows.


Energy Efficient Windows and Summer Heat

Beat the heat this summer with energy efficient windows.

When you think about energy efficient windows your mind might immediately go to how important it is to keep the cold out all winter long. It’s true that cold temperatures can directly impact the energy efficiency of your home when your windows are degraded or low-quality. The heat of your home escapes, the cold air comes in, and your heat sources have to work overtime to make your house comfortable.

The same holds true on hot days. That glorious summer sun can make your home hot and humid if your windows aren’t keeping the outdoor weather outside and where it belongs. If you use an air conditioner or fans, they will not be as effective because of poor energy performance from your windows. It’s a similar set of problems as in winter, and the end result is higher energy bills and a house that doesn’t feel much different than the temperature outdoors.

Great Lakes Window’s products are all manufactured to ENERGY STAR standards and meet or exceed these requirements in all 50 states. Our windows and patio doors reduce heat flow and solar radiation through the glass, letting natural light inside without raising or lowering the temperature of your home. Having high-quality Great Lakes Window products in your home can help you remain comfortable on the hottest, or coldest days of the year.


UV Resistant Windows

There’s an aspect to the sun’s rays that we can’t see with the naked eye. The heat you feel coming from the sun are UV rays that will ultimately fade your upholstery, artwork, and even the paint on your walls. Much like people wear sunscreen to be safe and comfortable in the sun, your home needs protection, too.

Our UV resistant windows reduce the risk of fading and sun damage inside your home, without visibly diminishing the quality or amount of light that reaches your house.

It’s important to note that UV rays are around all year long, not just in summer. That means that switching to our UV resistant Great Lakes Window products offers four-season benefits!


Sound Control Windows for Summer

Keep outdoor noise outside with our sound control glass.

There are so many great outdoor activities for summer — backyard games, water fights, neighborhood barbecues, and parties. Kids in the area are free from school for a few months, and more light during the day means more time spent outside. It’s fun, of course, but sometimes the noise can be too much.

Shutting your windows should be enough to make your home a peaceful respite from outdoor noise, but if your windows aren’t as good as they could be it might not make a difference at all. Poor seals and degrading glass let all kinds of sounds in, and even builder-grade windows that are in decent shape don’t do anything to go above and beyond for sound control.

On the other hand, upgrading to our sound control windows keeps unwanted noise out so your home will be as peaceful and quiet as you want it to be. Great Lakes Window sound resistant windows are proven to block out noise thanks to thicker glass, lamination, and airspace in the construction, with panels built asymmetrically to handle both high frequency and low-frequency sounds. These windows can reduce exterior noise by up to 43 percent, a clearly noticeable difference from the sound control of standard windows.


Get Ready for Summer with Great Lakes Window

Our beautiful replacement vinyl windows, with energy-efficient features, UV resistance, and sound control, are customized to your home and your design preferences. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern, traditionally elegant, or something in between, our experienced and qualified dealers will help you find your ideal windows for comfort and style all year long.

Summer is coming soon, and it’s time to make sure that your home is a cool, calm, quiet oasis. Get in touch with a Great Lakes Window dealer today!

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