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Good windows save money and add to the aesthetic of your home. The question is, when issues arise, should you repair or replace them?

As a homeowner you are likely eager to deal with any windows that aren’t at their best, whether it’s a problem with energy efficiency, or an outdated look. There are generally two ways to tackle this problem. Repair the existing windows to get a bit more wear out of them, or invest in vinyl replacement windows to start over fresh.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each repair or replace approach, depending on the state of your windows, your budget, and your end goal. Of course, we recommend seriously considering replacement windows. Today’s modern products offered by Great Lakes Window are both affordable and durable, ensuring your investment will last.


Upgrading or Repairing Existing Windows

There are a few basic things homeowners can do to try to solve energy efficiency issues. If existing windows are in decent shape, you may try looking for air leaks and adding weatherstripping. Or, installing window coverings that help with temperature control or solar control film are options. New window coverings or painting window trim can also help change the aesthetics of the window.

That being said, all of these options should be considered a fairly temporary repair. It’s a start, but it certainly is not anything that will last for a lifetime. So if this is the approach you take, it may be wise to look at it as a stopgap measure while you look into replacement windows.


Investing in Replacement Windows

A lot of temporary fixes are just that, a temporary bandage on what is more of a permanent problem. If your windows are starting to fail, there is only so much you can do before you find yourself in need of a real replacement, fast. Take the time to understand your needs and options now. Then you will avoid the stress of having to do it when your windows are no longer functioning at all.

Yes, vinyl replacement windows are going to cost more money than making basic repairs to existing windows. But that money is well spent. If you add up all that you would have to spend to make temporary fixes or changes, it’s a good idea to take a look at your options for moving straight to replacement. Don’t forget to factor in that you will inevitably have to keep making repairs or go ahead with replacement windows at some point. Our experienced window dealers know how to work within your budget, as well as handle any other considerations you may have.

With our Energy Star rated windows, and options for further upgrades like noise reduction and UV resistance, you will find that our offerings far surpass any existing windows in your home. Even with repairs and upgrades. There’s nothing quite like a brand new window, engineered for perfection and custom fitted to your home, installed by a team of experts.

Get started with a consultation to learn more about what’s available to you, to make your repair or replace decision easy. Our dealers will show you how you can make replacement work for your home, your budget, and your style. Check out our network of Great Lakes Window dealers to find a professional near you.

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