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Windows and their lifespan get a lot of attention. After all, most houses have more windows than they do sliding doors, so window problems are a lot more obvious. However, sliding patio doors are just as important to your home’s comfort, appearance, and functionality.

If your door has seen better days it may be obvious, or you might be wondering if it’s time to invest in a replacement. Here’s what to watch for, to know when it’s time to replace that sliding patio door with something new.

Things Aren’t Looking Great

Cosmetic damage, or an outdated door, may be reason enough to invest in a replacement sliding patio door. Sometimes the scrapes, chips and scratches are not worth repairing. Or, perhaps you want to take the opportunity to upgrade your door with something newer and better-looking overall. Our door and window replacement experts can help you determine if cosmetic damage is easily fixed, or if a replacement door is a better choice.

The Outdoors, Inside

Are you noticing drafts when you’re near the door, or pockets of hot or cold air? When a patio door no longer fits in its frame correctly, these are issues you may encounter. You might also physically see gaps around the door, or notice water intrusion. Look out for signs of high moisture, like puddles on the floor or drips down a nearby wall. Condensation is sometimes also a sign of issues.

You might also notice this lack of energy efficiency when you open your energy bills. If your home is experiencing poor energy efficiency, it will be reflected through increasingly high bills.

Difficulty Operating the Door

A sliding patio door should slide easily. When doors become warped over time, or through damage, they do not operate well. Pay attention to sticky doors, loud noises during operation, or a door that requires more effort than usual to open or close. Again, a door expert can help determine if these are issues readily fixed or replaced, or if the problem is extensive enough to warrant a replacement.

Deciding on a Replacement Sliding Patio Door

If you have determined your sliding door is due for a replacement, or are wondering if it’s time to invest in a new door, we’re here to help. Ultimately, if you are unhappy with the way the door looks, operates, or functions as a part of your home, a replacement is a worthy investment. Your home is meant to be a comfortable, enjoyable place for you and your loved ones, and high quality doors and windows go a long way in making that paradise a reality.

Great Lakes Window offers a full range of sliding patio doors, offering additional light and panoramic views for your home. Our doors are available in a multitude of sizes, including custom widths and heights. A fibreglass sill, EuroGlide system, and energy efficient construction ensure these doors will last for a long time, adding value and comfort to your home.

Get in touch with a Great Lakes Window dealer to learn more about our sliding patio door options, or to schedule your door replacement.

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