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Depending on where you live in the States, you could be seeing wintry scenes outside your window. Even if you don’t get snow or falling leaves where you are, you could be experiencing shorter days, less light, or more storms. All of this can add up to a dreary feeling through the winter months. 

Luckily, winter is a great time to invest in a few renovations and quick changes that can bring back the feeling of brightness no matter how cold it gets outside. Contractors are readily available with flexibility in winter months, given that many people schedule renovations for spring and summer. Whether you are considering a full window replacement job to literally let more light in, or want to try some low-cost, big-impact decor tips, we have a few ideas to make the most of this time.

Switch to Low-Profile Screens

Some people take their window screens out over winter. This lets more light and warmth come into the home through the colder months, and can be more aesthetically appealing. However, there’s an easy solution we offer at Great Lakes Window, that allows you to keep the function of a screen year-round, without the obstructed view.

Our FlexScreens are a quick and easy change that will make a big difference in the comfort of your home through winter, and all year long. These screens simply spring into the opening of the window, then the frame disappears from sight. You can enjoy all of the light your windows let in, and the views of the outdoors without a screen frame getting in your way.

Change Your Windows

The best way to brighten your home is to let more natural light in. If you’ve been considering a window replacement or renovation, don’t let wintertime stop you! Our experienced Great Lakes Window dealers can install larger windows, more windows, or windows with a more open layout, any time of year. If you tell them that one of your goals is a brighter, lighter home, they will provide you with the ideal options for your home, your style, and your budget during our free no-obligation consultation.

Clean Windows and the Area Around Them

Let more light in by ensuring the window glass is as clean as possible. If there is any dirt, dust or grime on your windows, inside or out, it can block that warm, cheerful natural light. Wipe down your windows, both on the inside and the outside if possible, and enjoy a better view.

You should also clean up around the windows, inside and out. If there is furniture blocking a window on the inside, or branches encroaching on a window from the exterior, your home’s interior will be darker than it could be.

Interior Decorating Choices

Consider interior decorating choices like large mirrors, to bounce natural light around the home. Hang these mirrors across from large windows to enhance light and make the space look larger.

Take a look at your window treatments and consider switching anything dark and heavy with a lighter, airier style. The same goes for sofas and couches — a light slipcover can make the whole room feel that much brighter.

If you want to do something a bit more permanent to brighten your home, think about painting the interior with lighter or brighter colors, which reflect light instead of absorbing it.

Are you ready to talk about windows and how they can improve your home? Get in touch with one of our expert Great Lakes Window dealers today.

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