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Which Windows?Vinyl Home Windows, the Superior Choice

You are trying to decide if it’s time to replace your home windows, but you are unsure which window material is right for your home. After all, there are so many material types to choose from. Windows can be made from vinyl, wood, aluminum, all of which influence cost, efficiency and durability.

When you make the aluminum, wood and vinyl windows comparison you will see that vinyl windows are the best choice.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows conduct heat (and cold) through the window, making them less energy efficient. This allows more of the outside temperature into your home. This is not a factor with vinyl windows, which conduct very little of the outside temperature into your home. Vinyl windows help keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
Aluminum windows can also “sweat,” meaning moisture beads form on the inside of the window frames during the winter. Other points to consider:

  • Vinyl windows offer lower yearly maintenance, with no need to repaint. Aluminum windows require occasional lubrication for smooth operation.
  • Vinyl windows are nearly scratch free, whereas aluminum windows are
    prone to dents and scratches, causing the paint to chip off.
  • Vinyl offers superior insulating value, transferring very little heat or cold
    through the window into your home.
  • Vinyl is strong and durable, whereas aluminum windows can be dented.
  • Vinyl windows need occasional cleaning, whereas aluminum windows
    can begin to oxidize and look dull over time. In fact, the steel or zinc fasteners used for aluminum windows can react with the frame and corrode.

Vinyl Windows vs. Wood

Wood windows provide challenges that you won’t experience with vinyl. Wood windows can be as much as twice as expensive.

Wood can match the insulation values of vinyl, but consider that wood windows do require yearly maintenance. Wood windows will need to be repainted (sometimes even sanded) every few years to keep them looking sharp. Repainting is also a must to ensure protection from the elements. If not, wood windows can take on water damage. Vinyl windows do not have any of these issues. Other points to consider when comparing wood vs. vinyl windows:

  • Vinyl retains its finish – there’s no need to sand, re-stain and repaint like wood windows require.
  • Vinyl won’t dent, peel or flake like wood windows may experience.
  • Vinyl holds up to repeated use, maintaining its beauty year after year.
  • Beautiful, durable and realistic interior wood laminates are available on vinyl in a variety of popular grains – including oak and cherry – that make it very difficult to distinguish vinyl from real wood. See for yourself

Vinyl Windows Cost vs. Wood Windows

Vinyl windows prove to be the smartest choice when it comes to a replacement window cost comparison.

Vinyl windows are significantly less expensive than wood. They also offer a variety of architectural choices and design options to choose from – styles, configurations and colors to perfectly complement your home and lifestyle.

Get the look you want, the efficiency you need, and the cost you deserve when you choose Great Lakes Window vinyl windows.

See how affordable vinyl windows are by contacting an Authorized Great Lakes Window Dealer, who can answer your questions, show you samples, and provide you with a free estimate.

If you have more questions or want to see the difference for yourself, fill out our Find A Dealer form now and one of our Authorized Great Lakes Window Dealers would be happy to answer your questions.

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