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Comfortable Summer with Energy Efficient Windows

By Great Lakes Window on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 in energy efficiency, energy star, Home Tips, Window Replacements. No Comments

The weather is getting warmer, and that’s a relief for those of us who enjoy the comfort from energy efficient windows. On the hottest summer days, you need a place to cool off, relax, and take a break. Your home can be a comfortable sanctuary this summer, with our energy efficient, UV-resistant, sound control windows….

What to Know About Energy Efficient Windows and ENERGY STAR

By Great Lakes Window on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 in energy efficiency, energy star. No Comments

Highly efficient windows with high standards. Having energy efficient windows is one of the most common reasons people replace their old windows and doors. If you are looking for the most efficient windows then you will want to use ENERGY STAR qualified windows. ENERGY STAR independently tests and certifies energy performance for a number of consumer products,…

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

By Great Lakes Window on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 in energy efficiency, energy star, tips. No Comments

Glass Pack – Where the Energy Efficient Magic Takes Place Selecting the right glass pack for your home is key to creating energy efficient windows. It’s important to consider the elements that make up glass packs, as they all work together to improve a window’s energy efficiency. Panes of Glass – Newer windows are typically…

7 Unique Ways to Conserve Energy

By Great Lakes Window on Monday, October 5th, 2015 in energy efficiency, energy star, tips. No Comments

Did you know that October is energy awareness month? Learn how to conserve energy… In honor of this important concept, we have put together a few ways you can conserve energy in your daily life. We all know that turning off the lights when we exit the room and making sure TVs and electronics are…